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The Mid-term Teaching Inspection Feedback Meeting of the Second Semester of the 2017-2018 School Year Was Held
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In order to persist in deepening the combination of teaching reform and meticulous management, comprehensively promote the connotation construction, further strengthen the management of teaching, strictly control teaching, standardize teaching order, take serious teaching discipline, strictly manage schools, teaching and learning, constantly improve the quality of personnel training, fully grasp the teaching operation and find and solve problems in teaching in time, according to the teaching work arrangement of our school, from week 11, a three-week mid-term teaching inspection was carried out and a mid-term teaching inspection feedback meeting was held on May 29, 2018. The president of Guizhou City Vocational College Meng Yongfu, Vice-Secretary Fu Shengzhong, Assistant Principal Xu Zhongyun, Director of Academic Committee Wang Yi and other leaders attended the meeting. Besides, Director of the Academic Affairs Department Han Chengjiao, Minister of the Inspection Department Yang Hongwei, Director of the Scientific Research Department Zou Xianqiang, Deputy Director Guo Hangle, Director of the Training Department Ding Tingyan, Director of the Student Department Xu Gaofeng, the Director of Department of Personnel Hui Hang, the Deans, Secretaries, Vice-Deans of Teaching, Directors and the Section Chiefs of Secondary Colleges and the staff of the Academic Affairs Department also attended the meeting, which was chaired by director Han Chengjiao.

Han Chengjiao, director of the Academic Affairs Office, made a detailed report on the teaching inspection during the semester. She said that since the beginning of the eleventh week, three weeks of mid-term teaching inspection has been conducted. This inspection mainly adopts three ways: self-examination of secondary colleges, overall inspection of the Academic Affairs Office and in-depth inspection led by school leaders. Director Han Chengjiao pointed out that secondary colleges had attached great importance to the mid-term teaching inspection and carried out effective self-examination. The content of the examination is comprehensive and the results are objective and true. It really plays the role of teaching management and teaching quality monitoring, and provides a basis and guarantee for the school's mid-term teaching inspection. A total of 370 courses were offered in this semester and there were 282 full-time teachers and 5 part-time teachers. 221 curriculum standards, 362 course outline and schedules and 348 teaching plans were inspected in the Academic Affairs Department, and it was found that most of the teachers' teaching implementation was in accordance with the teaching plans and curriculum standards; most of the teachers could abide by the teachers' daily teaching behavior, attend and leave classes on time, without being late or absent from class, prepare lessons actively before class, assign to students a certain amount of homework after class, and could correct and explain students’ homework carefully; each teacher could complete the task of visiting classes according to the plan, and carefully fill in the schedule. The situation of class switching and adjustment was normal, and most of the teachers could make up missed lessons on time. Some teaching and research departments could make plans, records and conclusions of teaching and research activities. The entire teaching materials were archived and preserved by the secondary colleges. Han stressed that in this semester's work, the overall awareness of mutual cooperation among the secondary colleges was very positive. However, during the inspection process, there were still some problems in the daily teaching management. For example, teaching and research activities tended to be formalized and lacked teaching interaction and guidance links.

Yang Hongwei, Minister of the Ministry of Supervision, summed up the daily teaching supervision. He said that since the beginning of the school in March, an all-round inspection of the daily teaching work has been made by the supervision department, and has achieved a series of remarkable results. It is hoped that in the future work, each department will continue to maintain communication and work together to look for the root causes of the problems and work together to solve them.
Then the leaders of the mid-term inspection group made a summary and put forward some suggestions on the inspection of the teaching plans, teaching progress, teaching diaries, lecture records, teaching and scientific research activities of the secondary colleges. Subsequently, the secondary colleges conducted in-depth discussions on their own problems.

Finally, President Meng Yongfu summarized the teaching inspection during this semester and put forward some suggestions for improvement. He pointed out that the mid-term examination was routine work. This inspection, on the whole, the effect was good, but there were still shortcomings. While affirming the results, we should explore problems and solve problems. In the future work, we should strengthen the follow-up inspection and teaching guidance of teachers to strengthen their sense of responsibility and work ability and lead them to complete teaching tasks. Afterwards, President Meng put forward opinions and requirements on the archiving, filing, storage and management of teaching materials, the construction, organization and management of teaching and research offices, the reform of classroom teaching methods and means and the construction of information technology. President Meng emphasized that problems found in the mid-term inspection should be rectified in a timely manner, and secondary colleges should adhere to the reform of education and teaching, carry out meticulous management, pay attention to intensive construction and teaching and learning tendencies, strengthen personnel training and quality control and further strengthen the management of teaching so as to strictly manage the school, teaching and learning, constantly improve the quality of education and teaching and build our brand.



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