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A Grand Ceremony of Awarding Hats to Nursing Students of Grade 2017 Was Held in the Medical School of Guizhou City Vocat
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     In order to carry forward Nightingale spirit, inherit nursing culture and enrich campus life, a grand ceremony of awarding hats to nursing students of grade 2017 was held in the Medical School of Guizhou City Vocational College. On the afternoon of May 25, at the Student Activity Center of Old Campus, nursing students of grade 2017 who wore white uniforms were given hats by more than 20 senior nursing professionals.

Su Yaxiang, the winner of the 39th Nightingale Prize, and Chen Shufen and Dong Huaqun who were Guizhou Provincial Vocational Education Experts and more than 20 leaders and experts from major hospitals in the province, gave hats to nursing students. The event was presided over by Chang Ming, Dean of the school of nursing. Zhou Hongjing, chairman of Guizhou City Vocational College, Wang Shifen, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, Wang Shanyi, group supervisor and executive president of the old campus, and Zhou Yufei, group executive director attended the ceremony.

Zhou Hongjing, chairman of Guizhou City Vocational College, delivered a speech at the ceremony. He put forward ardent expectations for the students of Grade 2017. He hoped that the students would cultivate their moral and humanistic qualities, develop their abilities, strengthen their dreams and create brilliant future of medicine with their own youth. Subsequently, Chairman Zhou Hongjing presented an appointment letter for Professor Dong Huaqun as honorary Dean of Guizhou City Vocational College at the ceremony.

Xiao Lina, Industry expert and director of Nursing Department of Second Affiliated Hospital of Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, made a speech. She said, “The nursing students will be an indispensable part of the future nursing team, so keep in mind Nightingale's pledge to unite and work hard to add to the industry. When nursing students take the holy swallow cap, it means a great career. At present, it is the key period for the development of health cause in our country. Students should study hard in the face of the opportunity, lay a solid foundation, and become the pillar of nursing career.”

Accompanied by beautiful music, nursing students knelt straight in front of their elders, swallow caps symbolizing purity and holiness were put on by female nursing students, while male nursing students wore round caps symbolizing unity and tolerance. Then the nursing students took the candles symbolizing "burning themselves and lighting others" from their predecessors. Under the leadership of nursing predecessors, all nursing students stood in front of Nightingale’s portrait and solemnly swore, "life-long purity, loyalty and duty, do not harm, do not take or use harmful drugs, try to improve the standard of care, guard the patient's household chores and secrets, wholeheartedly assist the doctor's treatment, do not seek the welfare of the sick...". At the solemn ceremony, vows rang across the campus, deeply touched the hearts of every student, and also showed their determination and responsibility to strive for the cause of medical care.

At the ceremony, the nursing students sang the song of Chinese nurses, displayed professional etiquette and performed sign language dance performance "Like You". Finally, the nursing students also sent flowers to experts to express their gratitude and blessings.

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