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The teaching competition for young teachers in our school is successfully concluded.
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In order to implement the document requirements of the Provincial Education Department and the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions on the Notice of the Fourth Provincial College Young Teachers' Teaching Competition, the work of teaching and research in schools should be further promoted, and the basic skills of young teachers should be consolidated and the teaching level improved. With the approval of the board of directors of the group, on June 8, 2008, our school held the "2008 Gui zhou City Vocational College Young Teachers' Teaching Competition" in the report hall of the second floor of the group.




In particular, Wang Cheng qiong, a national outstanding teacher, was invited to serve as an extracurricular expert, and experts such as Meng Yong fu, Fu Sheng zhong, Xu Zhong yun and Wang Yi were invited to serve as judges. Nine teachers from different departments participated in the competition. Before the competition, President Meng Yong fu delivered speeches and speeches. Principal Meng pointed out that the school attached great importance to the competition, set up a leading group and a judging group and planned the relevant activities. Principal Meng stressed that teaching should adhere to a center: the syllabus as the center, through knowledge and skills, processes and methods, as well as emotional attitudes and values of three aspects of curriculum design objectives. The two basic point is teacher oriented, students as the main body, teaching by reason and teaching by others. By holding this competition, we urge and encourage the growth of young teachers. Teachers' Guidance Center will be set up to help solve the problems encountered by young teachers in teaching.



In the competition, the contestant teachers, aiming at the different learning requirements of students in their respective teaching and research rooms, adopted the theory teaching, case analysis and scenario simulation to promote the teaching process in the aspects of teaching preparation, courseware design, teaching ideas and teaching methods. They also combined rich and vivid multimedia materials, carefully prepared the teaching content, and focused on improving the classroom control ability and teaching appeal, showing the modernization of teaching methods, the times, life, for the students of different majors designed a different teaching mode, can be described as distinct characteristics, different styles, wonderful. There is a lot of trouble.

After intense competition, all the participating teachers successfully completed lectures in class. While fully affirming the effectiveness of the competition, the judges made a detailed analysis of the shortcomings of the contestants in teaching design, curriculum teaching and teaching reflection and gave suggestions for improvement. In the end, Mr. He Zhixiu won the first prize.









This activity provides a platform for young teachers to display their talents, and also provides a platform for teachers to learn and exchange. Every participating teacher attaches great importance to this competition as an opportunity to upgrade their own quality, invests in it with a full spirit, carefully ponders the teaching ideas and methods in the selected topics, actively explores teaching methods, learning methods, and elaborate teaching design, which bring about a variety of styles and splendid display lessons. The classroom, so that students fully think, fully experience, so that the classroom is full of vitality and agility, showing the professional qualities of our young teachers.









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