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Guizhou City Vocational College holds signing ceremony for appointment of legal consultant
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On the afternoon of October 27th, Guizhou City Vocational College appointed Guizhou City Jinyang law firm to sign a contract for perennial legal consultant in the conference room on the third floor of the Academic Exchange Center.



At the signing ceremony, Zhou Hongjing, chairman of Guizhou Wanhao Education Investment Group, signed a contract for the appointment of legal advisers on behalf of Guizhou City Vocational College and Zhou Dengkai, director of Guizhou Jinyang Law Office.




Both parties sign a contract



Signing site



The purpose of employing perennial legal advisers is to give full play to the important role of legal advisers in maintaining the legal status of schools, handling all kinds of legal relations between schools and departments or in the society, and dealing with the relationships between schools and students or teachers, etc., to demonstrate and examine the legitimacy of major decisions, normative documents, and important rules and regulations of the school, to provide comments or suggestions, to evaluate and demonstrate the risk of major administrative acts and major matters of the school, and to put forward opinions or suggestions, etc.



It is reported that Guizhou Jinyang law firm was established by lawyer Zhou Dengkai in 2009. Since the establishment of the institute, it has been awarded "Guiyang excellent Law firm", "Yunyan District judicial and administrative legal services advanced units" and other honorary titles. There are more than 10 lawyers, including 3 party members. Lawyers are a combination of old, middle and young people, and they have a strong comprehensive field, including road traffic accident experts, insurance claims settlement experts, project management experts, professors in colleges and universities, and some lawyers who are accountants and tax handlers, forming a team of young and middle-aged lawyers with modern ideas and advanced ideas, courage to open up, and excellent professional knowledge.


周董事长在签约仪式上指出,举行法律顾问聘任仪式,标志着我校法律顾问制度正式建立。今后的工作中我们要充分发挥法律顾问职能作用,推进全校各部门依法行使职责,促进法治建校。学院各级领导和部门要切实增强依法治校的意识,提高依法治校的能力,强化依法治校的实际效果。安排部署工作,决策制定政策都要更加注重法治引领。法律顾问要认真切实履行法律顾问职责,多思考、多提合理化建议,发挥自身优势,加强对我校各项工作的法律监督,促进我校工作法治化水平全面提升。Chairman Zhou pointed out at the signing ceremony that holding the appointment ceremony of legal advisers marked the formal establishment of the legal adviser system in our school. In our future work, we should give full play to the role of legal advisers, promote all departments of the school to perform their duties in accordance with the law, and promote the establishment of schools by law. Leaders and departments at all levels in colleges and universities should conscientiously enhance their awareness of running schools by law, improve their ability to run schools by law, and strengthen the practical effects of administering schools according to law. Arrangements for deployment, decision-making and policy making should be more focused on the rule of law. Legal advisers should conscientiously perform their duties, think more and put forward more rational suggestions, give play to their own advantages, strengthen the legal supervision over all aspects of the work of our school, and promote the overall improvement of legalization in our school's work.




Zhou Dengkai, director of Guizhou city Jinyang Law Firm said that as counsel of Guizhou City Vocational College, Jinyang Law Firm must act today, shoulder responsibility and play their own professional expertise, to provide comprehensive legal support for Guizhou City Vocational College in the future work, make recommendations, and escort it..



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