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A Board Meeting Of Guizhou City Vocational College was held
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On the afternoon of December 22, 2017,a board meeting was held in the conference room of the academic exchange center of Guizhou City Vocational College. Chairman Zhou Hongjing made an important speech regards to further enhance the execution of departments and improve the overall quality and management ability of leading officials.

Chairman Zhou Hongjing explained the regulations of Guizhou City Vocational College which can be traced back to 1998. These regulations are revised and changed every year, but there are still some shortcomings. Therefore, both secondary school and functional managers should pay attention to the problems to reach the goal. In order to reach the goal, the chairman pointed out one should recognized the purpose of their work and responsibilities. At the board meeting, chairman Zhou encouraged every staff to work together as a team and keep one thing in mind he always stressed about which it’s to simplifying complicated problems by using scientific methods. Subsequently, He Zhengkun, Minister of administration, announced the "Report on Organizing and Refinement of Duties of the Department."


Following by He Zhengkun, Chairman Zhou Hongjing made another speech regards to the year-end work arrangement of 2017 and he made specific arrangements for the opening of the teaching and research comprehensive building. He emphasized that all secondary school and corresponding functional managers should summarize their work in 2017.


Lastly, Chairman Zhou summarized the meeting by telling all the board officials to lead by example, give prominence to the role of model agent as well as earnestly meet strict requirements and have a clear division of labor. To work together to create a common civilization harmonious campus education environment. 2018 is a new year and a thrilling year and this new year Guizhou City Vocational College shall become even better.

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