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Chairman Zhou Hongjing is invited to attend the Luhu Summit for City Colleges
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On December 11th, 2017, Chairman Zhou Hongjing from Guizhou City Vocational College was invited to attend the Luhu Summit for City Colleges’ higher vocational education reform and development  and delivered a keynote speech entitled as Thoughts on the Development Strategy of City Colleges at the summit.

It is reported that the Luhu Summit for City Colleges’ higher Vocational Education Reform and Development aims to build a platform for the cooperation and exchange of city vocational colleges to exchange and interact around the themes: the opportunities and challenges of city higher vocational education under lifelong education, the reform and innovation  of City Colleges’ higher vocational education, the integration development of vocational education and community education, share advanced results and successful experience of colleges about reform and development , and probe into the objective and strategy to lead the innovation development of higher vocational education in City Colleges.


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