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Technical training school inspect and exchange to our school
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On December 11th, 2017, Mei Hong,  training director of Vocational and Technical Education College of Tongji University, and Tang Dongping, vice president of  Shanghai Jingge Vocational and Technical Training School came to our school to inspect and exchange about teacher training, students practice training and deepening cooperation. Chairman Zhou Hongjing, president Meng Yongfu, vice president Fu Shengzhong, deputy general manager Li Jiangfeng, deans of secondary schools and heads of departments gave receptions to guests.

Accompanied by Chairman Zhou Hongjing and president Meng Yongfu, director Mei Hong and vice president Tang Dongping visited the practical bases, teaching buildings, library, complex building, sports field, dining hall, e-commercial town, basketball court and students dormitories etc.

After the visit, a symposium was held in the conference room on the 3rd floor of Academic Exchange Center. The meeting was presided over by president Meng Yongfu.

At the meeting, on behalf of our school, president Meng Yongfu extended his warm welcome to director Mei Hong and vice president Tang Dongping, and introduced the basic situation of our school in detail. He hoped all sides took this exchange as an opportunity to well know each other, deepen exchanges and strengthen cooperation and seek common development of the future.

Director Mei Hong expressed her gratitude for the warm reception and introduced the situation of running school at Tongji University. Tongji University is one of the leading universities directly under the administration of Ministry of Education listed on“Project 985” and “Project 211”. Vocational and Technical Education College was brought into the government cooperation agreement in 1993 which was signed by prime ministers of China and Germany as a "prime minister’s proposal", and was established under the approval of the State Education Commission in October 1994. So far, it has developed into a model for teachers’ training  in vocational education in China and has initially formed a “Tongji model” for teachers training in vocational education. She proposed that all of us can strengthen cooperation, integrate resources, establish a long-term cooperation mechanism and make progress together.

Vice president Tang Dongping said at the meeting that only when stepping into Guizhou City Vocational College, did he feel what is really about entrepreneurship, feeling, pursuit, dream and ideal. Shanghai Jingge Vocational and Technical Training School is an institution  specialized in vocational trainings. It deeply knows the pain points of colleges  and enterprises,  has been explored and innovated the study of cooperation between school and enterprise and has been engaged in creating value for society. In contemporary society of high-speed development, Shanghai is also constantly thinking, restructuring, developing and strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship. He hoped that advanced development model can be imported into Guiyang, then the status of Guiyang fled back to Shanghai to form linkage cycle. Modern colleges are not lack of ideas, but lack of integrating business needs into curriculum, so enterprise production capacity, college curriculum and talent cultivation need promote simultaneously thus progress can be made.

Soon after, deans of secondary schools and heads of departments talked deeply and roundly face to face with director Mei Hong and vice president Tang Dongping about talent cultivation, social needs, school-school cooperation, school-enterprise cooperation, teacher training and school-running characteristics.

Finally, president Meng Yongfu made a summary. He said that our school currently attached great importance to quality engineering, not only vigorously strengthening hardware construction, but also connotation construction. Coming of director Mei Hong and vice president is like a wisp of spring breeze, also more like a timely rain. Through exchange, a consensus was reached and goal was well-defined. We will unswervingly  forge ahead and strive to improve the quality and level of running school and  to achieve the goal of upgrading to undergraduate college.

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