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Give thanks to City College and co-create brilliance
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The 129 movement, also known as the 129 Anti Japanese and National Salvation Movement, is an anti Japanese demonstrations held by college students and  middle school students in Beiping on December 9th, 1935. It is a large-scale student patriotic movement led by the Communist Party of China. This movement had been quickly responded by the national students and supported by the whole nation, and promoted the establishment of the national anti-Japanese united front. It marked the arrival of the new climax of the anti-Japanese democratic movement of Chinese people, which is of great historic significance. It has been 82 years since then. Although having been buried in the dust of time, it will be in people’s mind forever.


In order to embalm the history and look forward to the present and inspire the vigorous vitality of contemporary teachers, on the afternoon of December 8, 2017,   a variety show for teachers themed “ Give thanks to City College and co-create brilliance” was held at Guizhou City Vocational College to commemorate the 129 Movement.


Although in the early winter, the show remained flourishing and bustling. "Why the Flowers are So Red" performed by Art School kicked off  for the show. The song City College Welcome You adapted by the eighth union team was full of creativity and excitement; Believe Future performed by the fifth union team and seventh union team was of great magnificence and meaningfulness; Medley from Business School was extremely fascinating and attractive; The dance The Last Waltz was filled with elegance; Our Life Is Full of Sunshine from mechanical engineering school was bursting with happiness and meaningfulness; The chorus Five-star Red Flag from Marxism School was splendid and passionate; The living theater Teacher-student Love created by the art school was wonderful and touching and pushed the atmosphere of audience to the climax;  The song Tomorrow Will Be Better from school of big data was filled with great impassion and infinite vitality; Band performance from the College committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League was quite shocking and passionate; The solo Grateful Heart from the office of students management was accompanied by dance and full of flavor.


The variety show came to an end with fantastic performances and continuous cheer and applause. All teaching stuffs from the City College fully demonstrated the vitality and spirit of contemporary teachers and perfectly interpreted the contemporary beautiful life. It not only enriched the campus's cultural life, but also demonstrated the spirit of patriotism and the determination of progressive connotative construction. Through the show , teachers can feel the responsibility and mission entrusted by history. All teachers are also striving to realize the "Chinese Dream" of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with practical actions.


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