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Dancing to exhibit the vigour of youth
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舞动青春 绽放活力


Dancing to exhibit the vigour of youth

——Our school participate in the national aerobics dance competition in Guizhou province in 2017


On June 10-11, 2017, the 6th Guizhou national aerobics dance competition (Guizhou division) was held in the gymnasium of Guizhou Minzu University. The competition was organized by the education department of Guizhou province and the sports bureau of Guizhou province. It was organized by Guizhou Minzu University. More than 2,800 athletes from 84 teams in various districts of Guizhou province participated in the competition.


The annual aerobics dance competition not only promote sports and rich the form and content of campus sports activities, but also promote students’ physical health and sports skill level and enhance the popularization and promotion of aerobics dancing. The teams which attended this competition were very outstanding. They were experienced, well-trained, innovative and infectious. And the race was brilliant and splendid.


Under the guidance of teacher Chen jizhou and miss Zhou huizhen, the aerobics dance team participated in the aerobics and the free dance competition. Guide teachers and players had overcome their shortcomings, such as the lack of training time and top players. In the competition, the players were calm and steady, and they reflected excellent teamwork spirit and obtained the outstanding team award. Among them, "A smear of red" and "Walking in the landscape" which were appointed by the art school respectively won the first and second prize in the unarmed square calisthenics dance (voluntary) project competition. And mass aerobics "triple set", which were appointed by the basic teaching department and social sports class respectively won the third  and excellent prize. Their youthful dance moves, bright smiling face, soaring mood and dashing figure left a deep impression to the audience. With their own energetic passion and the vigor of youth, the players got recognition and praise from the organizing committee and the judges.


The aerobics dancing competition fully shows the vigorous and enterprising spirit and sincere cooperation of the team consciousness of contemporary students. The competition can not only enrich the campus life and improve students' physical quality, but also promote students' art accomplishment and fully demonstrate the excellent achievements of our school's quality education.

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