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The teachers and students of the art school participate in the Guizhou culture and art festival in 2017
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On September 9, 2017, "2017 colorful Guizhou culture and art festivalthe exhibition of excellent works of group cultural dance in Guizhou province", hosted by Department of Culture of Guizhou province and People's Government of Tongren, was held at Wanshan grand theatre in the city of Tongren.


The two teachers Wen Jing and Xiang Shili from art school of our college led the team to attend the exhibition on September 9th at Wanshan grand theatre in Wanshan district, Tongren city. It is reported that the works of our school, Love among Tujia people, was the original creation of two professional dance teachers, Wen Jing and Xiang Shili, who has been rehearsing hard for nearly two months.



The show scene



This exhibition, as one of the mass series activities of the colorful Guizhou culture and art festival in 2017, had altogether 24 teams, whose performances were excellent and had regional characteristics. Among the performances, "Love among Tujia people" won two awardsthe "outstanding works prize" and "outstanding group" and got approval and praise of the judges. Through this exhibition, it not only enhanced the popularity of the school, but also played a positive role in promoting students' learning.


The purpose of this exhibition was to fully implement the spirit of 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 18th third, fourth, fifth and sixth plenary session and the series of important speech of president Xi Jinping and the new strategy of governing. Led by socialist core values and supported by the construction of modern public culture service system, we should accelerate the strong province construction of colorful Guizhou ethnic culture and fully display the fruitful results of the young, middle-aged and old-aged dances achieved in Guizhou province in recent years in order to make the group cultural system of Guizhou province really experience the achievement of construction of public cultural services, which was also a tribute to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.



Group photo and certificate of teachers and students after the award



Group photo of teachers and students who participate the exhibition


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