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School of Business
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School of Nursing, which is a secondary school of Guizhou City Vocational College, was established in 2012 in the strongly concern of the provincial education department

In order to adapt to the new forms, the original school of management and the school of Economics was formally merged into school of business on August 17, 2016. After more than ten years of school accumulation, the original School of Management and School of Economics gradually development and growth. Especially after entering the university, ushered in the new development opportunities, has made gratifying achievements.

School of business is located in Guizhou City Vocational College ,which is on the left side of the gate include the fourth, fifth, sixth training building with total construction area of 66230.59 square meters. There are 14 majors which is equipped with industrial and commercial business management, industrial and commercial administration, human resources management, accounting and auditing, financial management, land and resources management, logistics management, marketing, tourism management, hotel management, e-commerce, the accounting computerization. Currently there are 3111 students.

School has 10 multimedia classrooms, build one "Center" and five "laboratories" (which are accounting informationization training center, sand table simulation laboratory, enterprise comprehensive management laboratory, e-commerce simulation laboratory, marketing simulation laboratories, computer LABS, etc.).

School has a number of theoretical level and practical experience of double type teaching staff. Employing a wealth of practical experience in the industry expert teachers, existing part-time teachers, more than 90 people. Among them, includes 20 senior professional teachers, 50 elementary and intermediate engineer teachers, 65 teachers of dual-qualified teachers. Access to Senior Accountants, certified public accountants, economists and statisticians qualification of “double type” teachers reached more than 70% ,and 30 postgraduates,3 doctors. 
Current Leaders:
Dean: Kong Fanying
Secretary of Branch Party: Liu Ling
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