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The brief introduction of Guizhou City Vocational College
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Guizhou City Vocational College, authorized by the People s Government of Guizhou Province in 2001, registered in the Ministry of Education, and admitted into the national plan, is a full-time vocational college



Guizhou City Vocational College, authorized by the People's Government of Guizhou Province in 2001, registered in the Ministry of Education, and admitted into the national plan, is a full-time vocational college . It is a comprehensive city college, which is cooperatively built by Gui’an district and Guizhou Wanhao education investment group co., LTD. Its former name is Guizhou Yatai Vocational College. On March 15th 2014, it is approved to rename as Guizhou City Vocational College according to the No. 55〔2014〕document from the government of Guizhou province.
The college is located in the beautiful scenery of Huaxi university town. The new campus campus covers an area of 1500 mu, about more than 50 square meters of construction area. Total investment is 1.5 billion yuan and the scale of students is about 30000. It cultivates professional talents and management personnel for construction and development of Gui’an district. And the enterprises of Gui’an and Guiyang will give preference to our graduates. Old college campus covers an area of 106500 square meters, the existing building area of 128000 square meters, with teaching building, library, canteen, apartment, playground and various professional laboratory. In December 2011, it is approved to move into university town by the No. 438 document of provincial government. At present, it has officially 655987.94 construction land planning permission. The levy demolition  work of the first phase of 677 acres has been completed, which is on a large scale of construction. 3000 students have moved into the new campus in September. After the completion of the construction, the campus will be a completely new one with advanced facilities, completed infrastructure, full function and a beautiful environment, which will provide strong guarantee for college talent cultivation.

In the last 13 years, under the leadership of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, under the support and guidance of the provincial education department, the college always adheres to the party's education policy, follows the teaching law, takes over the school motto “seeking for truth, surpassing beyond”, grasps the specification, quality and characteristics, which makes great improvement. The college won the second prize in the national characteristic education in 2010. In 2011 it won the honor of national excellent higher vocational colleges. In 2013 it passed the the ideological and political evaluation and personnel training evaluation organized by Education Department. It also has won the first in construction skills contest of Guizhou 6 years in a row, which marks the improvement in teaching quality and the  level of running a school.
The college always adheres to the educational philosophy of safety, characteristics, innovation and law, which takes teaching quality as the lifeline with a strong teaching staff and reasonable age structure management team. At present, there are 265 professional teachers, including professors, associate professor, Dr. Master's graduate students and teachers in the double 142 in all. The college has trained a batch of backbone teachers and professional leaders, which has formed a team with reasonable structure, excellent quality and being full of vigor. The teachers with lofty ideals are the great power for the college development.     
It takes the education as the basis, the employment as the guidance, which highly emphasizes graduates recommendation work. There is a employment guidance service center, which has contracts with about 230 enterprises in Guizhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Suzhou and Changzhou. It has signed about 40 contracts with many huge enterprises including Guizhou Park Hotel, Shenzhen Ge Lan Yun Tian Hotel, Guizhou Automobile Transportation Group and China Mobile.
The college sets up a sound leadership and organization, implementing the director responsibility system under the leadership of the board. There are 8 teaching units including School of Architecture, School of Nursing, School of Management, School of Economics, School of Arts, School of Mechatronic Engineering and School of Preparatory, 43 majors in all. It also holds secondary vocational education and vocational training, which forms a talent cultivation system with a reasonable structure and obvious features in the professional layout and the  comprehensive level.The target of the college is upgraded to professional undergraduate university. 
“Making the brilliant youth students into pride man of the tide of economic times” is the same commitment from Guizhou City Vocational College to all the students. Learning a major, grasping a skill, being the future talent and writing good spanning the life is the common pursuit for both college and students. College will keep pace with the Times with powerful strength, compose of professional education in 21st century, let heroic students from city college set sail and create brilliant achievements!
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